Why assess body composition?

Whether for health reasons or aesthetics, knowing what your body composition is allows you to set appropriate goals as well as track the success of the interventions you are making.

The amount of body fat and distribution of our body fat as well as your lean mass levels and water levels can tell us a lot about one’s health and potential imbalances or health risks that may be present.

Body composition is linked to and can influence several areas:

  • Inflammation and inflammatory conditions
  • Immune function and balance
  • Hormonal levels and balance
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance
Body Composition Testing
Body Composition Results

How accurate is body composition testing?

At Steve Grant Health we have looked at several different devices and methodologies for assessing body composition. This included looking at research on specific devices, their accuracy as well as balancing it with the practicalities of repeat measurements, invasiveness of the methodology, exposure to radiation, cost and so forth.

Having looked at all these areas we decided to add the SECA mBCA 525 device to our clinic. This Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) device allows us to repeat tests at any frequency due to no radiation exposure, and at a significantly lower cost compared to the likes of DEXA and MRI.

The SECA mBCA 525 has an exceptionally high accuracy and repeatability compared to gold standard assessments of body composition, and the research data on the SECA device demonstrated its effectiveness vs all other forms of BIA such as the popular InBody Machines.

Gold Standards for Body Composition Testing

This device has impressive consistency with the respected gold standards of body composition assessment.

Within 98%

Within 98% accuracy compared to the gold standard 4C model for fat free mass

Within 98%

Within 98% accuracy for total body water in comparison to the D2O dilution method

Within 95%

Within 95% accuracy for extracellular water in comparison to the NaBr dilution method

Within 97%

Within 97% accuracy for muscle mass in comparison to the gold standard MRI

MRI Validation Study

“The validated eight electrode, segmental multifrequency Seca mBCA is an accurate tool for measuring body composition”

“Due to its quick and non-invasive measuring procedure the Seca mBCA is a recommended tool for the estimation of body composition”

(Jensen & Kluckmann)

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

“When compared with DEXA, MRI-based BIA equations are more accurate for predicting muscle mass”.

(Westphal Et al, 2017)

What does our Body Composition Assessment cover

The assessment covers the following areas of body composition and you will be presented with a PDF with your results in relation to norms and averages of similar populations accounting for gender, ethnicity etc

Fat Mass

Fat Mass

Total in kg, Body fat %, Visceral Fat and your Fat Mass Index

Muscle Mass

Muscle Mass

Whole body muscle mass in kg, individual limbs, and core



Total body water, extracellular water, and the ratio of both

Phase Angle

Phase Angle

Number and health of somatic cells. A marker associated to general health.



Predictive calculations for total energy expenditure and resting energy expenditure



Waist Circumference
Fat Free Mass
Fat Free Mass Index

Jane Doing Body Composition Test

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Body Composition Assessment

• Body composition assessment

• Discussion of results with one of our team

• Emailed Report & Report Guide

• Appointment typically takes up to 30mins

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Body Composition Assessment

Discussion of results with one of our team

Personalised nutrition recommendations

Body composition & nutrition guidance report

Appointment typically takes up to 60mins

£195 + VAT
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