What do our interpretation consultations offer?

  1. Interpretation of your results in context with your current state of health, general nutrition and lifestyle habits and any goals you may have.
  2. Where possible, interpretation is based upon established optimal reference ranges and not just normal ranges.
  3. Time to talk through your results and understand what they mean.
  4. A written report with a summary relating to your results. We may also provide you with some additional educational material and areas of consideration to help you towards your goal.
Interpretation Consultations

What tests do we cover?

If you have a test that you would like help with, the best thing to do is get in touch to find out if the tests you have had done are something that we cover.

Interpretation Consultations

In general, we can help you interpret and get the most out of:

  • Blood Chemistry Assessments
  • Hormonal Assessments (Blood, Urine, Dried Urine and Saliva)
  • Metabolic Health and Nutritional Analysis (Blood and Urine Analysis)
  • Digestive Health, Dysbiosis & Microbiome Analysis (Stool, Urine and Breath Testing)

We will not offer interpretation consultations on tests we are not experienced with and will be very honest about what tests we are able to help you with.

Enquire about a 1-2-1 interpretation consultation

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