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About Danny

Danny is a naturopathic nutritional therapist (Dip. CNM) and a certified functional medicine practitioner (FMU) and has been working in the health industry for 10 years now.

Initially working as an established personal trainer he then became the director for one of London’s most successful body transformation studios where he has helped numerous clients in the art of successful long term weight loss, muscle building, behaviour change and ultimately becoming the best versions of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

With a background in professional football and, more recently weightlifting, Danny understands how intricate the relationship between exercise and nutrition is in the pursuit of optimal health. Danny’s vast experience working with clients seeking body composition improvements has often led him to supporting those with metabolic diseases such as insulin resistance, obesity and PCOS which has become a specialist area of his.

Danny’s journey with nutritional therapy stems from his own lifelong struggle with eczema. Having used conventional allopathic treatment for years to cover up his symptoms, Danny went on to study all the body systems, in particular the digestive, immune and endocrine and learned how they all integrate with each other to promote better wellbeing. He now manages his symptoms using an integrative approach which supports a balanced lifestyle and is passionate about helping others achieve the same outcome.

Through his experience over the years, Danny understands that making changes to diet and lifestyle can be challenging which is why his approach is collaborative and he ensures that the plans are both realistic and actionable so that long term, sustainable results are achieved.

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