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Jane is an AfN registered Nutritionist who specialises in devising nutrition plans for exercise performance enhancement, weight management, gastrointestinal issues, and metabolic health. Jane specialised in nutrition for exercise when she acquired an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from the University of Westminster. While practicing in a functional medicine environment, Jane has worked with many clients suffering from metabolic issues such as Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. She has also helped many women with hormonal conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis, and this area has now become Jane’s second area of expertise.

Jane takes a holistic approach when working with clients. She focuses on all aspects of their lifestyle to determine the cause of the problem and uses evidence-based strategies to help rectify it. Jane is passionate about helping others to understand the importance of a balanced diet and exercise for both physical and psychological health. Her role is to provide support and guidance on how to incorporate an individualised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help her clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Throughout her studies and practise as a Nutritionist, Jane has gained a clear knowledge of key concepts in sports nutrition and exercise physiology and the role of nutrition in enhancing exercise performance. She is experienced in the use of the latest gold standard assessment methods for fitness and nutrition. Her skills include the application of these methods in a laboratory, clinical and field environment. Jane’s work has included treating many individuals and athletes with various disabilities, health conditions, immune disorders, and diseases. She has successfully helped people manage their limitations effectively to live a healthier lifestyle and meet their goals.

Jane’s previous experience in the health and fitness industry in London dates from 2011 and includes employment with Perfect Balance Clinic in St Paul’s where she worked as a Nutritional Therapist/Sports Nutritionist. She has also worked with psychotherapy clinics to help those with disordered eating and psychological barriers with food. Jane began her career in the sports industry working in the health and fitness club Third Space in both their Soho and Marylebone clubs.

Jane’s full appreciation of nutrition and its necessity in maintaining good physical and mental health came after a two-year period dealing with her own debilitating illness. After much medication that only treated her symptoms, Jane took it upon herself to further investigate what was happening to her body and why. Through focusing on maintaining good nutrition, exercise, and psychological wellbeing, Jane managed to fully restore her health. Her ambition is to help others identify and manage the core issues affecting their health.

Specialist Areas
Exercise Performance

Whether you are looking to build muscle mass, increase your endurance capacity or recover from a sport related injury, macronutrient manipulation combined with adequate intake of essential micronutrients is a necessary component in achieving your goals. Using evidence-based strategies Jane can help you adjust your nutrition in order to improve your athletic ability and aid recovery.

Weight Management and Body Composition

For many people maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging. How much does our weight actually tell us about our body composition? With so many diet trends circulating today it’s no wonder that weight loss has become a confusing concept. Extreme dieting can be dangerous with adverse effects and ultimate weight gain once the diet has finished. A personalised approach to healthy eating and exercise leads to successful long-term weight loss and better health.

Nutrition for Mental Health

When it comes to your mental health, nutrition plays a vital role in improving your mood and helping you to cope with various stressors. Studies have shown that a healthy diet can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Good nutrition promotes effective communication between the brain and the body by ensuring correct function of your digestive and nervous system.

Digestion and Immune Health

Nutrient deficiencies and gastrointestinal tract problems can often result in feelings of fatigue and illness. A healthy gut is essential for breaking down food into nutrients and absorbing them while also preventing the absorption of harmful toxic substances. Gastrointestinal problems can have a major negative impact on human health. A thorough review of symptoms, appropriate testing and nutritional analysis can identify nutrient deficiencies or imbalances in the microbiome. Once the analysis has confirmed the potential problem, a nutrition plan can be devised to treat the core issue.

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