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My Specialist Areas
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Resolving phobias and trauma
  • Breaking habits and addictions, including smoking
  • Coping with change, bereavement or loss
  • Understanding and regulating emotions
Consultations Available
  • Marylebone, London

About Jenny

Please meet Clinical Hypnotherapist and BWRT Practitioner Jenny Colin.

Jenny has always been fascinated by how the mind works (and sometimes works against us!), and supports our clients in addressing any mind-based issues and in achieving emotional balance.

Jenny retrained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at post-graduate level through the University of West London, after a successful career as a policy-maker and manager in Central Government.

She is also a practitioner of a new neuroscience-based therapy called Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) that is becoming known globally for rapid results after only one or two sessions. BWRT is unique as a therapy as it uses the way that the brain naturally processes information to resolve mind-based problems.

Jenny develops a personalised plan for each and every client, and generally integrates a combination of different therapies and approaches to promote rapid and long-lasting change.

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