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Since 2002, Steve has been supporting clients with health and performance goals. Graduating with his Sports Science degree back in 2005, followed soon by his Nutritional Therapy Diploma. Steve then went on to study Functional Medicine with two globally recognised Functional Medicine institutes. He regularly attends seminars on an ongoing basis to stay current within the ever-developing world of health and well-being.

Steve works with a broad array of clients, ranging from digestive health issues, to obesity, fatigue issues, sports performance, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and more.

His specialist areas include cardiometabolic health, weight loss and body composition, athletic performance, and digestive health.

Steve’s Journey into Functional Medicine

Steve found Functional Medicine somewhat naturally, as part of his ongoing professional development and because of some of his own personal health challenges.

Back in 2007-2009, Steve was experiencing a combination of significant fatigue, recurrent illness & poor digestive health which were severely limiting his personal and professional development. With very little support from his doctor and the standard healthcare system in the UK, Steve continued to search for a way to address his own health issues.

By chance, he went to see a lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine, introducing the Functional Medicine approach. The presenter told of a personal health story similar to that of Steve’s.

Steve went on to work with that practitioner, eventually uncovering and overcoming some underlying digestive, metabolic and hormonal imbalances, not assessed or picked up through conventional healthcare practices. It took around 6 months for Steve to fully recover and feel back to his old self. He then went on to be mentored by that practitioner for 2-3 years and started to introduce Functional Medicine as part of his clinical practice.

Since 2010, Steve has incorporated the Functional Medicine model into his clinical practice. As of 2022, Steve has helped over 2000 1-2-1 clients using his approach. He believes his personal and professional experience provides a great platform when it comes to empathising and showing compassion for those with chronic health complaints.

This is particularly true for those who are frustrated with their current healthcare and looking for a more natural, root cause approach. Many people want to deal with the underlying factors, rather than simply treating symptoms or being labelled. Steve’s approach is very much focused on supporting the individual and working together as a team to help optimise their health, wellness, and any performance goals they may also have.

Media and Accomplishments

In 2015, Steve was awarded the ‘Outstanding Practice’ Award for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) magazine in recognition of the results he had achieved with his clients over the years.

Steve has worked across multiple movie productions supporting a huge number of A-list actors, directors, and producers since 2012. You can check out Steve’s IMDB profile where he lists some of his film credits over the years. Steve also co-runs Fit for Films and is responsible for formulating their PFORM supplement line, which focuses on optimising exercise performance and recovery through unique nutraceutical blends.

Steve has contributed to TV, print and online magazines in the areas of health, performance, and nutrition. These include, Men’s Health, Telegraph, Women’s Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Evening Standard, Channel 4 and Red Bull to name a few.

Steve mentors and supports numerous other integrative health professionals, helping them get better results with their clients as well as grow, and build their own businesses. Steve has built up a network of trusted practitioners, some of which remain part of the Steve Grant Health associate clinician network.

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Functional Medicine Education

Below you will find a list of some of the courses and educational programs Steve has attended over the years

  • Sports Studies BA (Hons) – 1st Class Honors Degree
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – AFMCP
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – Digestion Advanced Practice Module
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – Hormone Advanced Practice Module
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – Immune Advanced Practice Module
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – Energy Advanced Practice Module
  • Institute of Functional Medicine – Detox Advanced Practice Module
  • Nutritional Therapy Diploma (Dip NT)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Metabolic Fitness Pro – Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Metabolic Fitness Pro – Detoxification
  • Metabolic Fitness Pro – Mitochondria
  • Metabolic Fitness Pro – Glucose
  • Metabolic Fitness Pro – Functional Medicine & Blood Chemistry Interpretation
  • Psychwire – Motivational Interviewing in Healthcare
  • Hompes Method Functional Medicine Practitioner Level 1&2
  • Functional Medicine University
  • Psychwire – Motivational Interviewing
  • Kharrazian Institute, Diabetes and Dysglycemia Clinic Strategies and Treatment Applications
  • Kharrazian Institute, Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Syndromes Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  • Kharrazian Institute, Diabetes and Dysglycemia Clinic Strategies and Treatment Applications
  • Numerous health, nutrition & functional medicine seminars over the years throughout the UK, Europe and the US
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