What is Your Health Score?

what is your health score

Have you ever checked out your credit score before? A credit score is a number based upon your credit history such as accounts you have, debt, payment history etc. In a nutshell, that score helps to qualify you for lending and allows those lenders to determine your risk. If you have a low score, you can work on specific areas to help bring it up and lower your risk.

Establishing your Health Score

One of my visions is to make what we do much more accessible to the wider population.

A personalised approach to improving your health can be time consuming either at your end researching and finding out what is relevant and works for you, or even working with a professional, it’s typically not something you are able to achieve in one or two sessions. As a result, the cost of working 1-2-1 with a professional may not be feasible for everyone.

A number of years ago I developed an online assessment questionnaire, looking at different areas relating to nutrition and lifestyle and then a thorough symptom assessment. I used this initially as a tool to help me assess my clients more easily before they came in to see me in clinic, saving time in the consultation data gathering and asking endless questions. Instead, it allowed me to focus in on the most important areas for that individual as well as focusing in on engaging and truly listening and personalising their approach.

I’m not going to lie; my first version of that health assessment questionnaire was ugly and not very user friendly but it served a purpose at the time.

About 2 years ago I decided to remove it and redevelop it into a more user-friendly version that everyone could access and get something from, no matter whether they were working with us on a 1-2-1 basis or not.

Two years later, I am able to proudly announce the launch of The Functional Medicine Health Score. A platform to help you assess your health and lifestyle habits as well as a variety of symptoms that provide clues as to areas of your body that may be under stress.

In addition to the health score assessment questionnaire, I have also spent the last couple of years creating around 75000 words worth of additional written content relating to each area of the questionnaire. What this allows you to do is select the content that is most relevant to you.

For a more detailed overview of The Functional Medicine Health Score, what it is and what you get out of doing it, check out the video below.

The Functional Medicine Health Score questionnaire allows you to assess areas such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Movement
  • Stress
  • Readiness for Change

As well as areas of health, such as:

  • Digestive Health
  • Thyroid function
  • Adrenal function
  • Anaemia risk
  • Immune insufficiency
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Musculoskeletal issues
  • Toxicity
  • Cognitive function
  • Cardiometabolic risk
  • Sex hormone balance

At the end, you get an overall health score, much like a credit score where the higher the score the better. Below that you will get insight areas relating to your nutrition, lifestyle and symptoms. You can then use the insight information, which is put in priority order of risk for you, and engage in the content that is most relevant to you. Allowing you to engage in content most relevant to you and save time in the process working on areas that are going to improve your overall health.

Taking the Functional Medicine Health Score Assessment

Simply follow the link below and this will take you to a specially developed website we have created to this questionnaire.

View The Health Score Website

Don’t forget to watch the videos we have created on the home page and also on the results page for further guidance.

I have created this to be a 100% anonymous and completely free as part of my quest to make what we do much more accessible to the wider population.

We hope you enjoy using this assessment tool and we welcome any feedback that you may have about it.

Many Thanks.