Halloween Recipes

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Hi all, my name is Fay and I am Steve’s wife. People always ask me ‘ooooh your husband is a nutritionist, you must have to hide all your naughty stuff!’. Well no, luckily Steve is not a sergeant but he’s also made me aware of what I’m eating and so that’s changed how I behave in the kitchen and also what I keep in my kitchen!

So, Halloween is just round the corner. Have you thought about how you can make the right choices, instead of just grabbing some huge bags of sweets and a cake? It’s my second favourite time of the year (yes Christmas is coming!!!!) and I love nothing more than some treats and a curry. I don’t know why curry just tastes so good on Halloween, maybe that it’s finally really cold and a good hearty curry just helps to defrost your soul!

Firstly have a look at the lamb and pumpkin curry. It’s really easy and lets you make use of your pumpkin flesh that you usually bin after making a scary lantern. The longer it simmers, the more tender the lamb. Goes great with rice or cauliflower rice.

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Lamb & Pumpkin Curry Recipe

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The other 2 are some yummy treats. The truffles also use pumpkin. Now I originally thought that these would be very average tasting or quite bland, I’m really happy with the taste and can honestly say they are amazing. I was really impressed. The tricky bit is embalming them in the chocolate. I haven’t mastered the art of neatness around this yet!

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Pumpkin Truffles Recipe

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Finally the Zombie fingers. They take no time at all and zero cooking time. Just a blending of ingredients and then mould into shapes and you’re done. They taste fab and look disgustingly great. I hope you all give one a try this Halloween.

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Zombie Fingers Recipe

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