10 Tips for beginners on meditation

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Meditation when first starting out can seem challenging. We live our lives at 100mph and to take time out of our hectic schedules to sit and be in the present even just for 5-10mins can seem like the most demanding thing to do.

Below are a number of tips that I use as a beginner in meditation that are helping me improve the effectiveness of being in the now rather than stressing about the past or the future.

  1. Take a shower or bath before meditating.
  2. Wear loose clothing and feel comfortable.
  3. Take your shoes off.
  4. Sit comfortably, don’t stress about being in the perfect meditative position, being comfortable and not feeling tight anywhere I feel is most important.
  5. Try not to do it too soon after a meal. Allow your food to have digested for around 1-2 hours first.
  6. Use peaceful/soft music. I use natural sounds and even download meditation music or massage music.
  7. Use a meditation journal. Write down thoughts during your meditation that come up. I use it as an opportunity to clear my head.
  8. Use a candle to look at during the meditation. Fire for some reason has its own meditative effect.
  9. Whether this is a built in response from thousands of years ago I have no idea, but I do know that when I gaze at a fire or a flame it has the ability to clear my mind.

  10. Use some guided meditation CD’s/podcasts/apps. Having someone guide you through a meditation is for me one of the most effective ways to get started.
  11. Use the correct breathing technique to help enter a meditative state. Please read my article A guide to diaphragmatic breathing for tips.

Just taking 5-10mins out of your day to focus on breathing and clearing your thoughts can be a powerful tool in your health and well-being. I am yet to meet someone who says that they meditate too much.

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