The Estrogen – Testosterone Connection

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Estrogen and Testosterone have been coined female and male hormones. Whilst this is not strictly true, imbalances can see masculisation of females or feminisation of males.

In males you expect to see low estrogen levels, however environmental changes such as exposures xenoestrogens from chemicals found in plastics, lotions, fertilisers, water supply in the form of female hormone pill, is causing a chronic exposure to estrogens that in turn can impact our bodies ability to regulate hormone balance.

Other than exposure to environmental chemicals we are also able to up regulate estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels through increases in body fat and stress.

Raised cortisol levels, often chronically elevated during times of psychological or physical stress appear to up regulate levels of aromatase. Aromatase is an enzyme that increases the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Also lower levels of melatonin a hormone linked with sleep and suppressed by hormones like cortisol has been linked with increased levels of aromatase. Interestingly the link then of poor sleep and lowered testosterone has been made.

Aromatase is also produced by fat cells and thus the fatty you become often the more testosterone is converted into estrogen, potentially one of the reasons behind the development of man boobs.

Steps to control the aromatase and oestrogen effect

  • Sustain healthy body fat levels
  • Reduce as much as possible your exposure to plastics, chemical pesticide/fertilizers and chemical loaded lotions and potions
  • Control stress as much as possible

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