How coaching will help you reach your nutrition & health goals

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In the following article, I’d like to discuss the role of coaching and its ability to support your nutrition program and health journey. Many clients start come to see us at Steve Grant Health with a lot of enthusiasm, only to discover that changing their behaviour can be a bit trickier than anticipated.

This is where coaching adds the necessary support. By harnessing the latest tools from behavioural psychology, neuroscience and integral coaching, we help you turn mountains into mole-heaps, so you can achieve success in your journey towards optimal health.

Information overload

Life is overwhelming. In the last 48 hours, we have produced more information, than the entire human race has created since the dawn of man, up until 2003.

Let me repeat that, with an illustration.

Our lives have become so complex and sophisticated, that even the most basic choices have become rocket science. Back in the 50s, your breakfast would consist of an egg a day, a bowl of cereal and tall glass of milk. Today, the ‘tall glass of milk’ has exploded into a ton of options: Low Fat, Skimmed, Full Cream, Organic, Soy, Rice, Oat, Goat, Almond, Organic, Free Range…and don’t even get me started on the egg.

It is simply not that easy to make good choices anymore. As a human race, we know too much. Unless you move into a hut on the mountains with a goat, a vegetable patch and a stream of glacial water, you will need help in navigating this complexity.

That’s what coaching is here for.

Mute the noise

In every moment, there are only a few good options in front of us. These options tend to get drowned out by the noise of all the suboptimal, irrelevant or even destructive options.

A coaching conversation helps you distinguish between these options, and discard the irrelevant noise. During your session, your coach helps you empty your brain’s overflowing inbox, delete the spam, close the myriad of open tabs and empty out the trash. It is an hour dedicated to clear your head, reprioritize, and get absolute clarity about the next steps in your life.

Gain perspective

Life is filled with dead-ends and unexpected U-turns. Sometimes we re-run a maze 5,6,7, or 49 times before we figure out what the best route is. All of us have, at some point, uttered: “Why don’t I ever learn!?”

If you feel as if you’ve been dropped into a maze, running the rat-race with a cat chasing your tail, coaching can offer you the necessary respite. It’s the opportunity to learn faster, by stepping outside the maze of your decisions, and reviewing your life from a bird’s eye view. With expert guidance, you will be able to identify road-blocks before you hit them, avoid detours and develop strategies to work more efficiently.

This perspective-shift is exactly what you need when you feel trapped in your own head. Through insightful inquiry, we help you see the best ways to make nutrition and lifestyle changes, that you couldn’t necessarily see for yourself.

Get unstuck

Do you have a pet-sin? An indulgence you keep tripping over, which you just find too hard to break? Maybe you binge-eat when you’re emotional. Maybe you’re on your device until the wee hours, and struggle to get to bed on time. Maybe you find yourself buying take-outs, even though you know better. You just can’t seem to break the habit.

When we are overly fixated on an obsession or bad habit we tend to lose perspective of alternative options available to us. This is one component that we explore in coaching: instead of trying to beat the bad habits out of you, we help you identify the core motivations driving your behaviour, and find healthy alternatives to meet your needs.

Make balanced, realistic changes

We all tend to either put too much pressure on ourselves, or expect too little of ourselves. It is a natural consequence of being human.

During the coaching process, we help you expand your perspective, get objectivity, and change ambitious goals into realistic expectations. We support you to divide the proverbial elephant, to be consumed in bite-sized portions.

If you’d like to explore what coaching can do for you, why not contact our Change Coach, Dr. Albert Vijoen, for a chemistry session?

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