Home exercise routines for during this period of social distancing / isolation

home exercise routines during isolation lockdown

In a previous article titled Online exercise class schedule to help you through lockdown, we provided a class timetable for online classes. You can download the PDF that we are updating on an ongoing basis. Simply reach out to the practitioner offering the class via their website or social media platform and they can provide a link to their class.

For many of you however, attending classes at set times might not fit in so easily with your schedule. For that reason, I have also put together a number of pre-recorded or designed exercise programs that can be done at your leisure. These have been kindly sent over to me from colleagues in the fitness industry, so I would like to say thank you to them for allowing me to place their content on here.

Below you will find a mixture of classes. I have provided a little bit about the classes and where appropriate about the professional that sent this over with links to their websites and social media so if you would like to you can connect with them.

Project Health

Here is a little project that I was involved in around 6-7 years ago with a few friends of mine. The company no longer runs but the home exercise videos still exist on YouTube and I have been given permission to make use of them.

Below you will find some example workouts. I have selected 4 beginner exercise routines and 3 intermediate exercise routines and 2 advanced routines. Each is around 10-15 minutes long, so if you are a bit pushed for time, then these routines could be a nice edition to your day. Each video will have the technique of each exercise explained. These routines are much better for the more entry level participant.

Warm Up Routine

Beginners Routines

Intermediate Routines

Advanced Routines

Chris Knott Coaching

Chris is a fantastic strength and conditioning coach with a fantastic knowledge of biomechanics. He is also in the process of qualifying as an osteopath as well so he is extremely diligent on technique whilst having a vast knowledge on exercise program design. He also has a very successful podcast talking to a variety of exercise and health professionals. Content is typically targeted towards the exercise professional as well as intermediate and advanced exercise enthusiasts.

Chris has been kind enough to send over some example home exercise programs with explanation videos, sadly with some very cheesy exercise program titles 😉

Explanation videos

Chris’s Links

Chris has also written a number of great articles for Fit For Films as well. You can check out some of his content here.

I hope this article provides you with a little more inspiration to move. Remember, try to schedule this into your routine, even if you are setting aside 20 mins initially each day to partake in some form of exercise, it will be both good for your physical and mental state.

Tom and Jess

Tom and Jess are great friends of ours and relocated to Menorca. They offer some great online support for nutrition and exercise and have been generous enough to share with us some of their workout routines.

This one is great when you’re working from home and in need of an energy boost.

Home Workout

If you need a quick 5 minute workout due to limited time there’s this.

5 Minute Workouts

Also a great yoga flow which are either 5, 15 or 25 minutes long.

Yoga Flow

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