Semaglutide & Sustaining Weight Loss

In this video, Danny discusses what this medication is, how it works in the body and who it may be for. Recently, this medication has gained in popularity because it has been approved for the management of obesity and weight loss for those with diabetes and important now those without diabetes, so purely treating weight loss alone.

Danny presents some very interesting information to help inform you about this medication and the sustainability of results both in the long term and considerations relating to lean muscle changes associated to semaglutide.

I think what this shows us is that irrespective of whether you utilise a medication like this to assist with your weight loss results. Thought and consideration needs to be put into your dietary and lifestyle adaptations. Without this, there is a good chance that you will regain the weight you have lost and potentially lose muscle mass in the future.

However, done appropriately, you may be able to utilise this medication alongside nutrition and lifestyle adaptations to enhance the results that you are able to achieve. This can be highly motivating and may help you break a pattern/cycle that has led to you becoming and staying overweight.

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