Fay’s Halloween Recipes

fay halloween recipes

Hey everyone. Fay here to spread some Halloween fun. I love Halloween for dressing up, making big curries and also for pumpkins. I love carving them and I love using the flesh to make some amazing recipes. They are seasonal and so it makes these dishes even more special as we only eat them in Oct/Nov.

Have a look at the recipes below and give them a try!

pumpkin truffles recipe

Pumpkin truffles

When I first found this recipe I was really unsure if this was going to taste nice, but wow they are so good, even guests that I made them for agree! They stay moist and the coconut butter makes it smooth and creamy. If you aren’t a huge fan of dark chocolate then use milk chocolate.

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lamb pumpkin curry recipe 2

Lamb and Pumpkin curry

Pumpkin in curry is one of my favourites. Maybe because my mum always made a good pumpkin curry this time of year and I associate it with that. But if you’re looking for a recipe to throw the pumpkin flesh into then give this a whirl.

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chicken chilli recipe

Chicken Chilli

Another great one pot meal. Really simple. Just use pumpkin instead of the butternut squash on there. It’s a warming, spicy dish and great if you have guests over. Can serve it just as, or with rice and a side of coconut yoghurt which has fresh coriander and a green chilli blitzed into it.

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zombie fingers recipe 2

Zombie Fingers

This is such a fun recipe. If you’re looking to give your trick or treaters a healthier option but for it to look gruesome then these are just the ticket. That simple that the kids can make these. Find just the right flaked almond to top each finger with so they look like zombie nails!

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chocolate pumpkin pots

Chocolate Pumpkin Pots

Yes there are no pumpkins involved in the making of these, but they make such cute alternatives! Again this is really simple and very easy for kids to make. Great as a dinner party treat, you could even get your guests to draw their own pumpkin faces on the fruits!

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I hope you enjoy the recipes. Please see the website for more. If there are any recipes that you would like me to make for the website then just let us know!

Happy Halloweening!