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A critical review of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) use

In this video we discuss the use of continuous glucose monitors. What populations they are best suited to, interpretation relating to the data provided by these monitors, factors beyond the food you eat that influences your glucose response and how...

Lp (a) And Cardiovascualr Health 1

Lipoprotein (a): What is it and how does it impact cardiovascular health?

When it comes to cardiovascular health, many of us will be familiar with names like LDL and HDL cholesterol and even perhaps triglycerides, for those with a stronger interest in this subject. However, there is one important molecule that very...

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What is Apolipoprotein B (ApoB)? Why ApoB is more important to assess than just cholesterol

When it comes to understanding fats (cholesterol in particular), we have grown more and more uncertain around how cholesterol influences heart attacks and strokes. We’re none the wiser when it comes to understanding our ‘good’ cholesterol vs ‘bad’ cholesterol and...

Lower Blood Triglycerides 1

Natural ways to lower your triglyceride levels

Have you been told you have high triglyceride levels? Perhaps you want to know what caused it and what you can do to lower your triglycerides. In this article we take a deep dive into what triglycerides are, there relevance...

Cardiovascular Blood Testing 2

The best functional medicine blood tests for cardiovascular risk

In this article we look at some common and some less common cardiovascular risk blood test markers that we use in our functional medicine clinic. We discuss what these markers are and provide typical ranges to aim for to help...

Cholesterol 3

Cholesterol: Looking beyond total and LDL cholesterol

In this video, Danny helps you understand more about cholesterol. What is cholesterol, how does the body use cholesterol? Danny also dives into more advanced assessments that look at LDL cholesterol particle numbers and sizes and why looking at this...

10 tips to improve insulin sensitivity

10 tips to improve insulin sensitivity

This article provides tips to optimise insulin sensitivity. The tips will also assist to: help manage blood glucose levels, prevent and/or reverse type 2 diabetes and reduce cardiovascular risk factors, PCOS and other insulin resistant associated conditions.

improve insulin sensitivity exercise tips

Improve insulin sensitivity with these exercise tips

Insulin plays an essential role in the body, from facilitating the movement of sugar (glucose) into the cells, to promoting muscle synthesis, to stimulating the growth of new cells. However, like most things in life, we want just the right...

insulin resistance weight gain

Insulin resistance and weight gain: chicken or egg?

Whilst there is a definite relationship between insulin resistance and weight gain, which one comes first remains unclear. Both insulin resistance and weight gain are risk factors for type 2 diabetes and many other chronic diseases. Let’s examine their relationship.

stress and weight gain

Stress and weight gain

During stress, we adapt our physiology and behaviour so that we are able to survive. This is known as the stress response. Under normal conditions, the stress response is vital and healthy. However, when activated repeatedly, it can have negative...

lifestyle factors and type 2 diabetes

Lifestyle factors and type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes results from genetic and lifestyle factors. The great news is, lifestyle can be changed. Changes to diet, physical activity and weight (especially body fat) levels prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes. This article covers the key lifestyle...

exercise type 2 diabetes

Exercise and type 2 diabetes

The more you move and more active you are, the more you exercise and the fitter you are, the healthier you’ll be and the longer you’ll live. Slightly over simplified, but you get my point!

inflammation and type 2 diabetes

Inflammation and type 2 diabetes

A well-balanced inflammatory response maintains good health, prevents illness and aids recovery. However too much of an inflammatory response, known as a low-grade inflammatory response, is associated with a host of chronic diseases, one of which is type 2 diabetes....

is low carb best for type 2 diabetes

Is low carb best for type 2 diabetes?

Expert advice on recommended carbohydrate intake for type 2 diabetes remains controversial making it particularly confusing to know how much to have. This article summarises research on the impact of a low carb diet on type 2 diabetes.

An introduction to insulin, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes

An introduction to insulin, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes

Insulin plays a fundamental role in how food is utilised and stored. A state of insulin resistance results in metabolic dysregulation, subsequent health issues and chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. Read on to find out more about insulin,...

what can your blood say about your health image

What can your blood say about your health?

In this comprehensive article I want to outline how a thorough Comprehensive Blood Chemistry (CBC) can be one of the main starting and ongoing assessments used to get an overview of your current state of health and to guide decisions...

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Foods that increase blood flow – Salicylate rich foods

Salicylates are chemicals that are naturally found in plants. They act like natural pesticides to help protect the plant against insects and disease. In some individuals, salicylate sensitivity is possible, and the symptoms are pretty obscure such as headaches, IBS,...

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The Blood Sugar – Testosterone Connection

Blood sugar regulation is the cornerstone of any good nutrition plan, and unbeknown to many, poor blood sugar regulation and thus insulin control can have a significant effect on male sex testosterone production.

reverse type 2 diabetes naturally image

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally: A Case Study

Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic disease around, especially in developed countries. Truth be told it is a disease of lifestyle. Some people are more prone to the development of the disease, but if the right...

lifestyle medicine and chronic disease image

Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease

Working as a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, I am able to work with my clients on a number of different levels. I work on every single aspect of their lifestyle to elicit the most optimal change in their health,...

diabetes - is what we are being told correct image

Diabetes – is what we´re being told correct?

In the UK we have the third highest obesity rate in the world, with 22.4% of the population obese. Between 50-60% of the population are also overweight and these statistics are rising each year. Alongside the obesity rates diabetes prevalence...