Turmeric Curcumin Benefits 3

Turmeric & Curcumin: Helpful or Hype

In this article, we explore the spice turmeric as well as its popular active component, Curcumin. How might turmeric and curcumin benefit your health and is there good evidence behind its use? If it can help, what conditions might it...

inflammation and type 2 diabetes

Inflammation and type 2 diabetes

A well-balanced inflammatory response maintains good health, prevents illness and aids recovery. However too much of an inflammatory response, known as a low-grade inflammatory response, is associated with a host of chronic diseases, one of which is type 2 diabetes....

food nutrients that may help immune system covid-19

Foods & Nutrients that MAY provide some immune benefit and help with COVID-19

Let’s kick things off by being completely blunt and honest. Nobody knows if specific foods, nutrients or supplements will have a positive or negative impact on COVID-19, there have not been any specific tests as yet to look at this.

scheduling structure purpose

The Importance of Scheduling, Structure and Purpose during Coronavirus

Maintaining a structure to our day is one of the areas that the government and mental health experts have been saying is of the upmost importance during this time of upheaval and uncertainty.

manage stress anxiety OVID 19

Tips and services to help you manage stress and anxiety in the face of COVID-19

As someone who has suffered with anxiety and panic attacks intermittently for the last 10-15 years, I definitely have a level of empathy towards those with anxiety surrounding this outbreak of COVID-19.

natural approaches to managing coronavirus

Natural approaches to managing the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At the time of writing this piece (10th of March 2020) there have been around 115,000 cases of COVID-19 resulting in just over 4000 deaths globally. The rate at which the virus is spreading is causing a level of panic...

what can your blood say about your health image

What can your blood say about your health?

In this comprehensive article I want to outline how a thorough Comprehensive Blood Chemistry (CBC) can be one of the main starting and ongoing assessments used to get an overview of your current state of health and to guide decisions...

SIgA Image

Why your low Secretory IgA (SIgA) levels are causing immune and digestive issues

Mucosal surfaces cover a large part of our body. The digestive tract, nose, mouth and throat are prime examples where this mucosal layer plays a critical role in supporting our health.

can natural medicine play a role in cancer treatment image

Can natural medicine play a role in cancer treatment?

In recent months I have been asked my opinion on the role that nutrition and natural medicine can have on cancer treatment. As nutritionists we often find ourselves in a position of trying to help prevent disease, but on occasions...

how to prevent getting ill after flying image

Flying Considerations: How to prevent getting ill after flying

There are many possible causes of the increased risk of illness after flying, and in this article we are going to investigate the possible causes, dispel some myths and also give you some hints as to what you can do...