The Importance of Scheduling, Structure and Purpose during Coronavirus

scheduling structure purpose

Maintaining a structure to our day is one of the areas that the government and mental health experts have been saying is of the upmost importance during this time of upheaval and uncertainty.

To help support you with this I decided to call on one of my colleague’s Dr Albert Viljoen, a trained Medical Doctor who now works in the field of behaviour change and life coaching. Please watch our video below on this subject, providing some practical hints, tips and tools to assist you with this.

Purpose and Immunity

Another area that I wanted to touch on and why I think this is such an important area to focus on, not only from a mental health perspective, but also a physical health perspective, is that of purpose and immune function.

“Recently, health benefits have been identified among older adults who maintain high levels of a particular aspect of well-being, namely, purposeful life engagement. These benefits include extended longevity, reduced risk for various disease outcomes, reduced physiological dysregulation, and gene expression linked to better inflammatory profiles.”

Read the study

As discussed with Albert in the video, this may not be a time for you to be thinking about life purpose, however maintaining structure and purpose to our day, no matter how small the goals can be is a very useful way of managing physical and mental health at this time.

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